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Standardizing and Democratizing Access to Web APIs

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  • ShapirUI: A graphical UI that allows you to describe arbitrary Web APIs.
  • ShapirJS: A JavaScript library that wraps an API's data as typed objects in the local programming environment. You can read and write properties of those objects, and invoke methods on them or on the site, as if they were local, and the library takes care of making the necessary API calls to provide or modify the relevant data.
  • Mavo-Shapir: An integration of ShapirJS with Mavo, an HTML declarative language, which allows a user to create applications interacting with API's data by writing only HTML, with no JavaScript programming required.

Our Research Team

Shapir is a research project built by the Haystack Group at MIT CSAIL.
Visit our GitHub repo to see the code and collaborate with us.


Tarfah Alrashed

Lea Verou

David R. Karger